Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello friends! In the last section I had told you about the function called mysql_fetch_array(). Today let us see the example based on that. Suppose that a webpage is there where you are taking some inputs from user, now that input is to be shown to authorize person right? For that only we use mysql_fetch_array() function, this function fetches the value array from the database. How to use this function?

In this application you can see that names of the employee are just displayed. This a dynamic page where data is coming from database. How to do this?
Firstly you should have to write a SELECT SQL command for selecting database. After that you have to declare a variable, and store this mysql_fetch_array() in that variable. In fact you have to store the SQL command in a variable. Now, how to declare a variable in PHP? We declare variable C programming language as “int a;” here we will not declare the like this. We will just use the $ sign the name of the variable that’s it. Now, how to fetch the values from the database? For this you have to use while loop. Write a statement according to your choice, for this you have to create your own logic. Hope this much knowledge is enough. If face any problem please feel free to ask.

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